"I am not exaggerating to say that I would work with Paul again in any project, at any time, in a heartbeat, for reasons that extend above and beyond the existence of his talent."


"(Paul) has a unique vulnerability on camera that was critical in our project...

Paul's performance elevated our film.  He is on my list of skilled actors I'd like to work with again."

                              Executive Producer


Paul McDade has been making short portraits of people in print and video since the mid 90’s. His earliest subjects were filmmaker Willie Varela (a print version was published in Rant Magazine (1996-2001)), filmmaker Euzhan Palcy and the legendary SST band Bad Brains (published for the Crimson White).  Alternating between editing, acting and directing, McDade has worked one on one with a sweet mix of filmmakers, writers and artists.  Performing on a set replicated from the Leone and Fassbinder (Whity) Westerns, Paul got to act, serve drinks, play piano as 'Paul Ryan' for artists Paul & Damon McCarthy in DADDA - Poodle House Saloon

as well as their reimagining of the 1974 film                                        

Currently, Paul McDade is editing Ryan Culver's first feature film The Education of a Negro. McDade is also producing a documentary portrait of                              : an experimental artist and researcher in Electronic Voice Phenomena.



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